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'Vitrum 'Think Simple' gives domestic lighting controls an elegant Italian design in glass. Controlling lighting, air conditioning, energy consumption, video entry, cctv, and more. And replacement of old switches is easy too!' The "Vitrum" product range launched by the Italian home control expert, Think Simple, gives domestic energy control an elegant new look. "Vitrum" is a range of switches that allows users to control lighting, air conditioning, video entry systems and more from one central location.

The modern Italian switch design in glass features a touch-sensitive control surface. Using a simple circular finger motion the user can dim lighting or turn down the heating. Communication between all the Vitrum devices is based on the Z-Wave wireless standard.
The innovative "intelligent switch" comprises a glass surface with integrated touchpads. Think Simple have developed the EcoSwitch function which, at a touch, powers the lights at only 65% of full strength. The touchpad glows green when the EcoSwitch function is in use and if the user touches the touchpad again the lighting output increases to 100% and the touchpad turns yellow. In this way "Vitrum" actively helps homeowners save energy. The switch itself is made entirely from recyclable materials, contributing even further to the environmental conservation effort. "Vitrum" is available in a range of colours and there is even scope for graphic customisation.

Simple installation and operation

The technical core of the switch series is the Z-Wave protocol, which enables wireless communication between the switch and the end device. This allows the user to monitor and control the Vitrum devices from the iPAD and, soon, from Android based tablets as well. "Vitrum" can be integrated into existing power circuits and doesn't require a neutral wire, facilitating the replacement of the old mechanical switches without adding any additional wires.
Vitrum switches are easily installed inside a standard wall installation deep box and the glass fascia is snapped into place onto the electronic circuit board, adapting to minor wall irregularities without affecting operation. As well as controlling lighting and curtains, in the near future "Vitrum" controllers will also be available to control heating, manage energy consumption, alarm and CCTV sub-systems.

Products from the Italian manufacturer, Think Simple, are available with Z-Wave certification. This guarantees that "Vitrum" can easily be combined with other Z-Wave compatible appliances.
Further information is available at www.vitrum.com, www.z-wavealliance.com and www.z-wave.com.

About Z-Wave

Z-Wave® is the first technology to bring affordable, reliable and easy-to-use wireless control to every aspect of daily life - the home, consumer electronics, healthcare, and energy use, to name a few. Z-Wave is an award-winning, proven and interoperable* wireless mesh networking technology that allows a wide array of devices in and around the home to communicate including lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment centres, and security systems. Z-Wave brings many benefits to everyday life including remote home monitoring, home healthcare, safety and security, and energy conservation. Z-Wave certified products are currently available from leading consumer brands in more than 400 products world-wide. For more information about Z-Wave please visit www.z-wave.com.

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